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1theme's Journal

One Claim, One Theme, One Story
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Welcome to 1theme! This community is similar to 30_kisses and the various other themed communities out there. The difference is that, when you make a claim for this community, you will recieve only one theme to write about at a time.

How does it work?

1 - Join the community. You must do this to be accepted.
2 - Go to the claim post. Follow the instructions there to make a claim. I will comment to you with a randomly selected theme, and you will write a story based on that theme.
3 - Post your story to the community using the following header:

Subject Line: "Story Title" (Fandom, Characters, Theme.) [Example: "Wild Ride" (Firefly, Kaylee/Simon, Insanity.)


You may add items to the header, but please don't subtract from it.


- Please post your story within 6 months of recieving your theme. Make sure you'll have time before requesting a theme!

- Only one person may have a claim at a time. Once a claim has been finished or dropped, it will be open for others to claim again.

- You may claim just about anything: a character, pairing, threesome, group, or general fandom. When claiming a group, however, please make sure that it is an actual group, not just a bunch of people. A group should be able to be called by a single name, such as Vulcans in Star Trek or the trio in Harry Potter.

- You may have two claims at a time.

- AU, incest, RPF, cheesecake fetish, whatever: I don't care what you want to write as long as it isn't currently claimed by someone else.

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